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This is the home page for the eBook Hatatorium: An Essential Guide For Hat Collectors, by Brenda Grantland, Mary Robak, Jeffrey Moss & Tammy Marwick, 2nd edition 2013. Click here to purchase the Hatatorium ebook from BrendaGrantland.com.  We moved the book orders there in order to take advantage of the secure connection and the ebook seller software which automatically fulfills orders as soon as the Paypal transaction goes through.

The Hatatorium Gallery also resides on this website, and interfaces with the Hatatorium ebook.  The gallery contains over 4,000 original color images of vintage hats. Gabriella Doran, of London, UK, is the co-curator of Hatatorium Gallery. She contributed photos of her fabulous hat collection and did the fine tuning on the classifications.

The ebook and gallery together provide a treasure trove of research useful in identifying vintage hats, classifying them by style and era, and learning interesting data on the milliners or store labels you may encounter when collecting vintage hats. The Hatatorium gallery is a great way to learn which hat styles and milliners you like or want to collect. The Tips section has important advice for collectors and sellers.

For more detailed information about vintage hats, we recommend the eBook, Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors, for sale on this website.