Announcing a brand new website marketplace
for high end vintage and new hats:

Our website marketplace, the Hatatorium Emporium will be closed the weekend of July 12, 2013 for software upgrade and restocking of merchandise.  Please check back after July 15.  

The Second edition of our e-book is here, and available for purchase on this website

Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors

The second edition is almost twice the size of the first edition (111,111 words, compared to 68,000 in the first edition) with thousands of  milliners & store labels profiled, an expanded styles section, and more information on materials, cleaning and restoration techniques. The second edition interfaces with the new Hatatorium gallery. Watch this website for a discount coupon.

If you have a question about our ebook or this website, contact:
Brenda Grantland
20 Sunnyside Suite A-204
Mill Valley, CA 94941
or email Brenda here.

If you are on Facebook, please visit and "like" our Hatatorium page and  check out the Mad Hatters Society.

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About Hatatorium

updated July 12, 2013

You won't find the word "Hatatorium" in the dictionary. It is a word we made up -- a portmanteau word -- combining "hat" with "auditorium." Like an auditorium, it's a place to go to learn about vintage hats. We also borrowed from "natatorium" (an indoor swimming pool) because this is a place literally swimming in hats. The website gallery now contains over 3,100 pictures, organized in a searchable database. The gallery is growing constantly as more hat collectors join us in exhibiting their collections. The database interfaces with the Hatatorium eBook, creating a seamless, dynamic repository for vintage hat research.

This website was created by Brenda Grantland, a lifelong hat collector. Initially it only contained images of hats in her own collection. In the fall of 2011, she began inviting her hat collecting friends to contribute pictures of their hat collections, and several of them ended up collaborating with her on the book. The first edition of Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors, by Brenda Grantland, Mary Robak and friends, (68,000 words, $9.99) was released on 12/5/2011. An expanded second edition is now under way, with an expected release date of June 2012. See the publications page for details.

The website and the ebook also spawned a new social club on Facebook - the Mad Hatters Society. If you are a serious hat collector, milliner, hat seller, millinery teacher, historian, author or just an avid hat enthusiast, sign in to Facebook and send us a join request. It is a very friendly group. Contemporary milliners, vintage collectors, and sellers alike share their knowledge of hats history and their latest creations. It's a great place to ask questions about categorizing or dating a hat.

Contributors to the Hatatorium website gallery:

Brenda Grantland built the website and supplied all of the images except those of the guests. She does not have a separate album like the guest albums, but her hat collection images can be found throughout the Styles, Milliners, and Materials albums.

Mary Robak, a lifetime collector from Chicago, who sells vintage hats on Etsy (FrouFrou4YouYou shop) has a guest album the Mary Robak Collection, with photography by her daughter, Liz Robak.

Denise Dougherty of Philadelphia assisted with editing the first edition of the Hatatorium ebook. Her guest album is the Denise Dougherty Collection.

Jillian Garrett's guest album is the Apothecary Inn Collection. Hat vs. Man: The Mad Hattress Takes On Medford is Jillian's photo shoot for her winning entry in the Mad Hatters Society hatmaking contest. Jillian's Etsy store is Apothecary Inn. Jillian and her husband own the Apothecary Inn Bed and Breakfast in southern Oregon.)

Cindy Keson of Northern Michigan has a guest album named the Vintage Hat Shop on Etsy album.  Her Etsy store is The Vintage Hat Shop.

Tammy Marwick of Orange County, California, recently began building her guest album, the Tammy Marwick Collection. Her Etsy store is called My Vintage Hat Shop (not to be confused with Cindy Keson's Etsy store with a similar name).

Joe Cable of Northern California shot and edited videos for the Hatatorium eBook. His guest album is the Joe Cable Collection.