Video from the First Edition of Hatatorium: An Essential Guide For Hat Collectors

How to Measure the Inner circumference of a Hat - when you purchase a hat on line you can't try it on, so the only way to know whether it will fit is to have the seller measure the inner circumference of the hat and compare it to the measurement of your head. This video shows how to measure the hat.

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Videos About Hats and Milliners

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Hats are coming back in style again, after several decades of virtual hatlessness. Here are some videos that will help you fall in love with hats, find the right hats, and know what you are doing when you begin collecting vintage hats as a hobby.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show | Paris Fashion Week - If there is any question that the hat is back, this fashion show answers it. Amazing hats were worn by every single model, and they were modelling the bags the porters were carrying off the steam train!  This is worth watching just for the spectacle alone.

Stylish Hats are Hot - displays a wide array of contemporary women's hats -- caps, fedoras, fascinators, berets, buckets, cloches, tams, and pillboxes.

Panama Hats - El Galpon, San Juan, Puerto Rico explains the origin of Panama hats and shows a number of contemporary Panama hat styles for men and women

Natural Hair + Cold Weather = Cute Hats - cold weather hats and the natural hair styles to go with them.

How To Fit A Fedora Over Big Thick Curly Hair "Natural Hair"

How to wear a lady's hat with a hijab - this style looks very chic. Some of us who have never worn a hijab might be tempted to try it.

Finding Your Hat Size

How to measure hat size for men's hats - this video is from a seller of hats, but it has some good tips for measuring hat sizes on men. The same principles generally apply to measuring women for hats.

How to measure hat size for women's hats - this video is from an Etsy seller, and it makes a good point that when hats are worn on the back of the head, the head needs to be measured differently.

Leading Milliners, Past & Present

Aage Thaarup demonstrating how to make a 5-minute hat transformation

Philip Treacy hat salad video - the leading contemporary British milliner demonstrates how he makes some of his dramatic feather fascinators

Vintage Hat Styles

Eatons Catalogue 1920 - (slide show from a vintage catalog) hat styles in 1920 were varied. The cloche just began to come in style.

Beautiful Flapper - 1928 Color Fashion Movie (archival footage) Showing late 1920s cloches.

Beautiful Vintage Fashion Film ( 1932) shows the styles of cloches still in fashion in 1932.

British Pathe - videos of hat styles of past eras including profiles of several prominent milliners

1940s Fashion - Womens Hairstyles during the War - Veronica Lake - hair styles and work caps for women going to work during World War II. "Industrial fashions are a new note, setting the style for a war way of life..."

Dior Fashion Show 1967 - archival footage showing Dior's hats inspired by African designs.